Hearing success stories from our RediMedi patients is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. We care for you and strive to create healthy change in your lives. I wanted to share these recent success stories of lives impacted. Maybe this is the motivation you need to come visit us at RediMedi, and start your path toward a healthier lifestyle today!

Sleep Changes

This member struggled for over 20 years with unhealthy sleep habits, only getting up to 4 hours of sleep pet night. She was utterly exhausted to the point of collapse on a daily basis.  After reviewing her labs, making some adjustments in her hormones, she slept for a solid SIX hour stretch, and texted me this weekend to show me.  The Fitbit data on our EMR confirmed this. Better sleep brings better health. So happy to share her success, and see the change this makes in her life.

Fatigue relief

This patient works at Confluence and for two years suffered from extreme fatigue and joint pain. She was faced with resigning from her job and had exhausted almost all of her resources. We reviewed her labs, made adjustments in her hormones, thyroid, vitamin D, DHEA-S, and testosterone. She visited last week to to report that she has been feeling energetic, sleeping well, and her joint pain has vanished. She is leaving for a 2 week vacation in Mexico and is absolutely ecstatic.

Mental health

This story is a member who visits us from out of town. For the past six years, she has seen multiple specialists and spent thousands of dollars on neurologists and psychiatrists consults.  They placed her on heavy duty prescription medications including psychotics to help relieve her symptoms, with no success. We monitored her twice a day to confirm her complaints, and ran a comprehensive set of labs. Her labs confirmed poorly balanced hormones and a Vitamin D deficiency. After prescribing her hormonal supplements and vitamins, she reported sleeping well and relief in her anxiety. We confirmed her results with objective Fitbit data on our EMR, and are thrilled to report she’s doing well and feeling great.

We look forward to another great week with our RediMedi patients, and look forward to making a difference in your life! Do you have a success story? We’d love for you to share it with us!