Day of Travel:  it struck me as I sat in a seat of comfort aboard the Alaska Airline flight to San Jose that I could also be called to duty as a responsible “exit” row citizen. The flight attendant calmly gave us the clear instructions on how to open the exit door, throw it out and then… is the part that gave me momentary pause, would we also be willing to assist with getting the passengers out of the plane in case of emergency?  I said ‘yes’, but then it dawned on me the overwhelming responsibility that had just been laid on my shoulders and I had accepted. Would I really potentially sacrifice my life for the lives of all these strangers?  I have read of heroes and Jesus doing this for others, but could I do this in a moment of intense action and danger?  Fortunately I was never called to action, but the spirit within me was certainly stirred by this thought.

We arrived safely to incredibly long lines in customs only to learn later that the previous days flights had all been diverted due to a shut down of the airport the previous day. Those flights all arrived at the same time.  On the other side of customs, we were met by a cheerful driver that had been arranged by Kathryn Jordan of NC Medical. David, our driver,  safely transported us through the deluge of tropical rain to our place of comfort and home for the next several days.