Procedure day:  I took an Uber bright and early from our Out of Bounds bed and breakfast, a simple and clean place but I would advise my patients to follow Kathryn Jordan of NC Medical’s itinerary. The Uber cost $6 which was nothing considering the distance we drove. Arrived to Clinica Unibe to a kind receptionist although she spoke no English.

Clinica Unibe was also clean and simple. Nothing exotic. I was met by the hospital administrator and then brought back for the procedure.  Except for the painful IV insertion and putting on a gown that revealed my more inferior smile, I do not recall much after that. I met the kind physician and 30 minutes later I was done. I was fully recovered by 7 a.m and had my bill of clean health in hand. I was ready to pay my bill, but advised to pay it after tomorrow’s dermatology appointment.

Trust is just as critical here as it is in the States. Clinica Unibe is associated with the only Medical University here in Costa Rica. They have built their reputation for serving internationals patients for years on a foundation of trust. I expect they want to continue this tradition for years to come. They work with many self insured companies including the likes of Amazon, so overall I was pleased with the attentive care I received.