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Karl Lambert, ARNP has been in practice for over 20 years providing a very special type of care. He is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners since 1997 and graduated from the University of Kentucky. His uniquely compassionate approach coupled with innovative ideas such as the Direct Patient Care Model have helped transform healthcare. Karl enjoyed working for several years within a large family practice organization but felt he would better serve his community by opening RediMedi Integrative Clinic, PLLC.

RediMedi Holistic Health Care

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Wondering what is holistic health care, holistic care, holistic skin care, holistic eye care, holistic self care, or looking for a clinic that offers holistic nursing care, multi care holistic health center, and/or a holistic care plan? At Pacific Northwest Wellness Centerwe take a holistic approach to health care and place a high important of […]

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RediMedi Walk In Clinic Details

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Looking for a Medical Clinic near you, Family Medical Clinic, Walk in Medical Clinic, Children’s Medical Clinic, Women’s Medical Clinic, Women’s Medical Clinic, Wenatchee Valley Clinic, Eye and Ear Clinic, Wenatchee Valley Walk In Clinic, Wenatchee Valley Clinic Walk In, Wenatchee Valley Medical Clinic, Wenatchee Valley Clinic Doctors, and Wenatchee Valley Clinic Physicians near you? […]

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Wenatchee Valley RediMedi Clinic

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Wenatchee Clinic Doctors – RediMedi Care for the Valley

Looking for a Wenatchee Valley Clinic, Eye and Ear Clinic or Walk In Clinic near you? We offer a Wenatchee Valley Walk In Clinic at our East Wenatchee Walk In Clinic location as well as a Cashmere Walk In Clinic – all through our RediMedi Integrative Clinic, […]

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Medical Cost Sharing.

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Take a look at Medical Cost Sharing.  This model has been around for over 2,000 years and the companies listed have made this concept very user friendly.  Marry this concept up with our Direct Care model and it will give most families the complete package.  Say goodbye to traditional insurance and take back your health. […]

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RediMedi’s healthcare model

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I met recently with Dr. Milner of Fibonacci Smile to discuss RediMedi’s healthcare model. Here is what he wrote back to me after our visit:

“This is a bigger paradigm shift than I first thought it was. Not only in the cost sharing part but also in the wellness approach instead of the disease approach. I know […]

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Inspiration for Good Health

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I read a passage this morning that has stuck with me. I wanted to share it with you today because it inspired me, and I believe it applies strongly to our work at The Pacific Northwest Wellness Center. Our job is to BE IMPRUDENT about our work – to be overly persistent, overly annoying, and bold – […]

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RediMedi Success Stories

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Hearing success stories from our RediMedi patients is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. We care for you and strive to create healthy change in your lives. I wanted to share these recent success stories of lives impacted. Maybe this is the motivation you need to come visit us at RediMedi, and start […]

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